Roaring Girl

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Not A Word

(from "Roaring Girl")

She has these eyes, sometimes they take me so far away I think maybe I won’t be coming back. I sing a dipshit Bobby Sherman song to her in Mr. Reese’s third period Seniors History class: “Julie, Julie, Julie, do you love me….?” Sing it to her from across the aisle when Mr. Reese has his back turned, to bust her ass, so she’ll pay attention to me. Sometimes she scowls.... more

Where The World Goes…

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Where the World Goes When It Goes Away

(You Are Here)

It was on a bright day in summer the first time I saw King Death cruise up the hill in a shimmering silver Barracuda, elbow out the window and a Lucky dangling from dark lips inside. Shivering even though I was pretty sure it was just Tommy.... more

Division Street

Division Street

(Boxboy in Zion)

If a nuclear explosion happened in the middle of town, by accident presumably, since that’s the way these things tend to go, Romville proper would lie naked, exposed for what it really is: a bunch of hillocks formed by ten million years worth or so of everyday dirt layered on solid Norwalk schist. Whether the view would be an improvement or not could only be left to the aesthetic inclinations of any postulated survivors. With my luck I’d be one of them....more